Terry Sheridan
Date of death:2003
Kenya, Africa
Allegiance(s):Lara Croft
Appearances:Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Portrayer:Gerard Butler

Terry Sheridan is a supporting protagonist and antagonist in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life portrayed by Gerard Butler.

He is Lara's main love interest for the film and a supporting antagonist as of the ending in which is forced to shoot him down to stop him removing the film's dangerous titular artefact.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of LifeEdit

Terry Sheridan makes a single appearence in the Cradle of Life at Lara's main love interest and supporting antagonist following the death of primary antagonist Jonathen Reiss.

Terry Sheridan was an ex american soldier and former acquaintance of Lara's in her exploits who had ties with the Chen Lo Hong Kong Crime Syndicate.

He betrayed the secret service and became a ruthless aggressive mercernary auctioning of some of Lara's and the American Army's findings.

As a result he was arrested and imprisoned in Borla Kala Prison Kazakstan where he was to carry out a life sentence.

He was however released on demand of Lara Croft upon the Eye Mao pointing the way to the Cradle of Life being abducted from her in Greece.

Terry was not allowed any weapons of any kind in accompanying Lara to Shanghai to steal back the Eye.

Lara eventually stole back the eye but ended up accompanying Chen Lo leader Jonathen Reiss and the rest of his Pandora Box set unit to Egypt where upon entering the Cradle of Life came across gthe vicious attacking Shadow Creatures.

Many of Reiss' unit was terminated by the creatures apart from Lara, her African made friend Kosa and Reiss himself.

Reiss and Lara using the eye entered the heart of the cradle where the Box lied in the middle of a small pool of oozing black liquid which acted like sulphuric acid burning away anything that touched it.

Sheridan eventually arrived with the rescue party in Egypt and entered the cradle and assisted Lara in the defeat of Reiss who ultimatley went tumbling into the pool to his gruesome demise.

Sheridan himself then tried to obtain the box for him and Lara but was told not collect it by Lara which greatly enraged him.

Terry saw no just reward in them leaving what they had been fighting for all this time and as a result duelled Lara in order to escape with the box but ultimatley lost expecting Lara would not take his life as she shared deep affection towards him like he did for the box.

She however shot him once in the middle portion of chest delivering a fatal injury which claimed his life and left his body spread eagled on the cradle's heart rocky flooring.

Lara then dunked the Box in the pool causing it to sink beneath the liquid and be devoured the acid like liquid.